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Connect your Salesforce CRM to Coda with this integration (Enterprise-only)

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Note: the Salesforce Pack is currently only available on our Enterprise tier.

With the Salesforce Pack, you can bring your Salesforce data into Coda for a complete single source of truth. And with two-way sync, you can even make edits to the data via Coda. You'll need to have Salesforce access to enable the Pack. But like all Packs, it’s enabled on the doc-level so your teammates without access can play with the data once you’ve set it up for them

What can I do with this Pack?

The Salesforce Pack allows you to pull data from Salesforce into Coda, play with that data, and take actions in Salesforce directly from your Coda doc. You can even make edits to your sync table in Coda and have those edits automatically reflected in Salesforce (learn more about two-way sync here). Check out the included sync tables, buttons, and formulas below:


  • Report

  • Records


  • Create record

  • Upsert record

  • Update record

  • Delete record


  • LookupRecords()

  • LookupOpportunities()

  • LookupAccounts()

  • LookupCampaigns()

  • LookupContacts()

  • LookupLeads()

  • LookupCases()

Taking actions in Salesforce from Coda

The pack writes to Salesforce through the API, which means you’ll have to speak the API’s language.

If you think you’ll want to write data back to Salesforce from Coda, it’s always a good idea to put IDs in your reports. For example, the way the API knows which record to write to is via the unique Record ID.

Similarly, when specifying fields and values, you will want the field’s API name and value type - not its display name or display value. For example, the field “Customer Success Manager” might be called “customer_success_manager__c." We do our best to assist by auto-populating a field’s API name as you type.

Two-way sync makes sending updates back to Salesforce easy. Check out this article to learn more!

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