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Connect Coda with this Okta integration (Enterprise-only)

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Note: this Pack is currently available only to customers on our Enterprise plans


Okta is an identity and access management software service. It helps companies secure user authentication into applications. With this Pack, enterprise teams can bring Okta’s functionality into any Coda doc. Those powerful formulas, customized graphs, and filtered table views you’ve grown to love? You can have it all. Our hope is that this Pack can help IT and security teams have a smoother day-to-day.

Setting up the Okta Pack

The Okta Pack uses API key authentication to connect to Coda. When you first install the pack in a doc, you'll be prompted to provide your company's unique URL. You'll also need to input an API token, which can be found in your Okta account (Security > API > Create Token).

What can I access with the Okta pack?

This Pack allows you to pull in valuable information from your Okta account. With the below formulas and sync tables, IT admins can manage the IT lifecycle (from onboarding to offboarding of an employee), see group memberships, and access controls.


  • CreateUser

  • UpdateUser

  • ActivateUser

  • DeactivateUser

  • AddUserToGroup

  • RemoveUserFromGroup

Sync Tables

  • Users

  • Groups

  • GroupMembership

  • Applications

Ready to get started?

Check out this published doc to hit the ground running!

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