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This free Pack allows you to see your docs and analytics in table form

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The Coda Doc List Pack - available to all makers - allows you to take a closer look at your docs and the docs you have access to. Using this Pack, you can pull in tables and columns, take actions with buttons, and write formulas. Let’s take a closer look:

Installing the Coda Doc List Pack

To install this pack, you can either search it in the Packs & import tab (under the Explore section), or just type /Coda Doc List directly into the doc canvas.

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Then follow the prompts to connect the Pack to your Coda account.

Adding Coda Doc List tables

This pack offers two types of tables: Docs and DocAnalytics. To add a table to your doc, just drag and drop it from the panel on the right. Continue reading below to learn more about each of the table types.

Docs Table:

This table pulls in a list of all docs you have access to from that specific Coda account. It also has columns for the doc Icon, Name, URL, and date last updated.

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In the options for this Docs table, you can modify which account is connected, or add specific criteria for the sync. For instance, using the Is Owner criteria, you could choose to only sync in docs that you own.

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DocAnalytics Table:

This tables pulls in a list of all docs owned by you, along with the View, Copies, Likes, and Sessions by Date for each doc.

In the options for this table, you can modify which Account is connected and the Date Range for the sync, and you can specify whether you only want to see published docs.

Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 10.12.37 AM.png

Once the table is added to your doc, you can filter, group, and modify as you like to get the most out of these analytics.

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Wanting an easy way to see the statistics for your published docs? Check out this article.

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