As is common with docs, Coda supports a variety of text formatting options. Coda supports most traditional keyboard shortcuts for formatting; you can review the full list of Coda keyboard shortcuts by typing /keyboard shortcuts anywhere in your doc.

If you prefer to use a formatting menu, read on for how to apply various formatting options to your text.

Accessing the text formatting toolbar

When typing in Coda—on the page, in a cell, or even in an expanded row modal—you can highlight text to select it, which will display the formatting toolbar right by the text you wish to edit. You can also access the toolbar at any time by pressing ⌘ on a Mac or Ctrl on a PC.

Use this toolbar to do any of the following:

  • Change your text to a heading size, list, quote style, or code block

  • Format your text bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, and/or in-line code

  • Change the color of your text, or highlight it

  • For paragraph text, change the alignment to left, right, or centered

  • For lists, change the indent depth

  • Add hyperlinks or comments

Here’s an example:

Help Center Formatting.gif

Undo and redo

You can undo or redo editing using the common keyboard shortcuts:

  • On a PC: Ctrl + Z for undo; Ctrl + Shift + Z for redo

  • On a Mac: ⌘ + Z for undo; ⌘ + ⇧+ Z for redo

If you prefer to click to. undo and redo, the undo and redo options can be found in the same menu where you rename your doc, print, export to PDF, and other doc options. Access this menu by hovering over your doc title in the upper left corner of the page list, then clicking the 3-dot menu.

Undo_Redo Toolbar.gif

Paragraph styles

Paragraph styles include headings, list styles, quote styles, and code blocks.

Typically, when formatting an entire section of text, document editors will require you to highlight the entire section to be formatted. To change a paragraph style, you can hover next to the start of the paragraph to expose the 3-dot ‘kebab’ menu. Click into this menu to see your options, and apply them to the entire paragraph in one click.

Font size and style

Each page in Coda can have unique font settings. These are:

  • Font: Standard or Serif

  • Font Size: Standard or Large

Find these options in the Page options menu, accessible at any time via the Explore panel. To find it:

  1. Click ‘Explore’ in the upper right corner of your doc

  2. Scroll down to select ‘Settings’

  3. Choose ‘Page options’


To add an emoji, just start typing the Coda keyboard shortcut of /emoji anywhere in your doc. You'll see the list of emojis you can search through.

Screen Recording 2021-04-30 at 06.00.17 PM

Alternatively, if you know the name of the emoji just start typing : and the name of the emoji. For example, if you would like to add the 🐝 emoji to your text, type :bee:.

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