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Can I track published docs with Google Analytics?
Can I track published docs with Google Analytics?
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If you’re already tracking your web content in Google Analytics, you log sessions for your published Coda docs in a Google Analytics profile. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to,

  2. Scroll to the “Google Analytics Pixel ID” section of your Account Settings

  3. Enter your desired Google Analytics profile ID (formatted as UA-XXXXXXXXX)

Add GA.gif

Note: We cannot provide direct legal guidance, but given the host of data privacy laws around the world, we recommend having a privacy policy in place if you are logging user session in Google Analytics. If you’ve already got a privacy policy for your business or site, you can provide a link just under the field where you add your Google Analytics profile ID so that it is easily accessible to your doc viewers. Want to know more? Visit this page for more details.

Rather have your stats in a Coda doc? Learn how to generate a publishing analytics doc here.

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