How to add checklists to your doc

Using checkboxes in canvas

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Coda docs have long had checkboxes in tables, and sometimes in canvas controls. But until now, they’ve been missing in one key place: text.


You can now add simple checklists to any text in Coda (and yes, even within a table cell!). While we were at it, we also added a bit of color to all checkboxes in your doc.

We designed the new checkboxes to be lightweight and fit anywhere you can type text. If you want more advanced capabilities like filtering out checked items, customizing formatting, or annotating items with additional lines, tables with checkbox columns are still your best bet.

Menu & shortcuts

  • Click the plus sign while on your Canvas to pull up a list including the checklist option

  • Type [] then space for a checklist

  • Or use the / (forward slash) keyboard shortcut and begin typing checklist

  • Press Command + Enter on Mac or Control+ Enter on PC to check or uncheck a checklist line.

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