Lookup Values now observe styled formats from their lookup sources! Direct formatting and conditional formatting from a lookup table are now synced and applied to 'chips' from that table by default for new tables. 

The supported formats include font styling (bold, italic, underline, strikethrough), font color, and cell color. 

Old tables with lookup values will need to have this setting turned on. You may enable or disable this setting by hovering over your column header and choosing Format Column > Item Settings and toggling 'Apply Styling' to your desired state.


Q: Can I set a custom color or format for a single chip?

A: Not at this time (unless that chip is the only one matching the conditional formatting rules you've set). 

Q: How do I apply conditional formatting?

A: Learn more in our Help Center: https://help.coda.io/en/articles/776289-table-conditional-formatting

Q: Does chip styling work for custom select lists?

A: Not right now. If your select list pulls from a lookup table with formatting, it will apply; however, you cannot configure custom select list formatting to apply to chips while formatting that column.

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