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How do I add an author byline to my doc?
How do I add an author byline to my doc?

Give credit to your doc's contributors with author bylines for each page

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Author bylines help you indicate who authored a doc or page. To add an Author byline to your doc or page:

  1. Make sure the author is a collaborator on the doc! While they probably will be already if they're adding content, if you're copy and pasting a collaborators work, add them to the doc so they can be selected as an author.

  2. Hover over the first line of text (Title) in your page's canvas.

  3. Select "Options."

  4. Select "Show author."

  5. The space below your title and/or subtitle will show a drop-down menu with 'None' as the default selection.

  6. Click the drop-down menu to select from doc collaborators to indicate the author. You may select multiple authors if desired.

You can add add an author byline to as many pages of your doc as you like. Learn more about how to beautify your doc by exploring cover photos and subtitles.

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