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Why can't I select the username I want?Β 

Coda usernames are claimed on a first-come, first-served basis, and a single Coda user (i.e. set of login credentials) may only have one username.

There are a few restrictions on what you can claim as a username:

  • Usernames must have a minimum of three 3 characters, and some special characters (!, %, and others) may not be supported.

  • Usernames must not contain hate speech nor be generated with the intent to abuse, harass or libel.

  • Usernames must respect known and registered trademarks.

If you are unable to select the username you want, it has already been claimed or does meet the criteria above. If you own a trademarked brand name and would like to claim it on behalf of your company, please contact us!

Can I change my username?

Yes! You can change your maker profile username by going to[yourusername], clicking "Edit profile," and selecting a new URL:

Note that this will break any existing links you've shared to your published docs.

If I use a photo from Unsplash in my cover image, do I have to provide attribution or acquire a license?

Nope! It's not required, although attribution is always appreciated by photographers in the Unsplash community. Check out Unsplash's licensing details page for more information:

Can I publish a private doc and give just my team access?

Yes! Full details can be found here.

What happens if I transfer ownership of my published doc?

When you transfer ownership of your published doc to another member of your workspace, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Your owner status will turn into editor status

  • You will not be able to transfer ownership back to yourself

  • Your published doc's URL/link will change

Can I put my published doc behind a paywall?

Published docs are not paywalled at this time, but we know our Makers would love to make money with their docs! We will continue to keep this in mind as we evolve our current product offering.

Where does the data for the URL unfurl come from?

Your cover image will be the unfurl image. Your doc title will be the primary text, and your sub-title will be the description text. Here's a handy graphic:

What should I do if I find a published Coda doc that I think is inappropriate?

To keep the Coda experience safe and appropriate for a diverse audience, we are publishing a set of policies & guidelines for Content, Usernames and Community Participation.Β 

If you encounter a published Coda doc that you think violates these policies & guidelines, please scroll to the footer at the bottom of the doc and click 'Report.' We'll ask you to provide a few details before submitting, and then our team will review and take any appropriate action. For a reminder of our Publishing Policies, please visit

How are you policing content?

All Coda docs must adhere to Coda's Content, Username and Community Policies. You may review Coda's Publishing Policies at Our Content Policies apply to all content associated with your presence on Coda, which includes (but may not be limited to), your published docs, embedded content within your published docs, cover photos and other images, username, bio and maker profile.Β 

While we are not proactively censoring any content, if you encounter a published Coda doc that you think violates these policies & guidelines, please send us a link with a brief description of the issue so we may take appropriate action.

Who should publish docs?

Anyone! Whether you're a freelancer showcasing your work, a product manager with a great process or you built a fun voting tool you'd like people to use, Coda is a platform to share ideas. See what others have made at

🌟 Please note, only the Doc Maker will be able to publish Docs or Forms. 🌟

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