How to Find Past Invoices
How to navigate to past invoices as a workspace Admin
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In order to find your past invoices, you'll first need to navigate to the left-hand side navigation and click on the workspace you'd like to find billing information for. From there, you'll click Workspace Settings > Billing tab:

Once you're here, you can see past invoice details under Invoice History:


How can I get more (or specific) details in my invoice?

We do not have a way to modify or add to your official invoice at this time. However, we can always provide the details you’d prefer in an email (like pricing before discounts are applied, next renewal date, # of doc makers, referral credit summaries, etc) if you send us a chat.

How can I change the email address to which the invoices are sent?

Workspace Admins can update this themselves in Workspace Settings.

How can I change the billing address on my account?

If you need to change your billing address, a workspace Admin can reach out to to Coda Support with the following information:

  1. Company name

  2. Company address

  3. Billing email address

  4. VAT number (if applicable)

  5. Workspace name

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