In General Pricing FAQs, you can read about the differences between roles in Coda. The main takeaway for "maker billing" is that in every distinct paid workspace, only Doc Makers are charged. Maker Billing does not apply to our Free plan.

Here’s a refresher on the different roles we have in a Coda workspace:

Doc Maker (Admin) - Paid seat💰

The Admin is the person who's in charge of a workspace. They'll have all the same abilities as a doc maker and are able to adjust the permissions each member has across the workspace. You can have more than one admin for a workspace so that you can share the responsibilities. You cannot be a workspace admin without being a doc maker.

Doc Maker - Paid seat 💰

Your Coda workspaces can have several levels of membership so everyone has the right access for their role in the doc. Think of the Doc Maker as someone who's in charge of building powerful docs for others to use. They'll be able to create docs to share with others, and move them between workspaces. They can also create folders to help organize docs that should stick together.

Editor - Free seat 🆓

A doc Editor is someone who can contribute and make changes to a doc, including but not limited to adding new tables and rows, pages and subpages, and formulas, along with editing and deleting them. They'll be able to see the folder it's in, move it around a workspace, and share the doc with people both in and outside of the organization if the advanced setting of “Allow people who can edit to change access and add new people” is toggled on.

So, to recap, Doc Maker (Admin) and Doc Maker are the only two roles you pay for. In addition to this, you can have unlimited editors for free.

Within your Workspace, you're able to view the the roles of each of your members before you upgrade. As an Admin, you can change the permissions for each user.

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