You can now import your Google Docs as editable content in Coda. What's more, you can import multiple Google Docs as pages in a Coda doc.

Importing Google Docs into Coda

To use the import tool and bring your Google Docs into Coda, you can take the following steps:

  1. Type / on your document canvas

  2. Type Google Docs

  3. Under the "Import" header select Google Docs

  4. Authenticate your Google account to sync with Coda [this should only be required the first time you import from this Google Account]

  5. Search for and select the Google Doc you would like to import

  6. Note that you can select Multiple Docs from this menu; doing so will turn each doc into its own Page or Subpage of the active Doc

  7. Click 'Import'

  8. VoilĂ  - Your import is ready to be edited, managed and augmented in Coda!


Can I import Google Sheets using this tool?

The import tool currently only supports Google Docs, not Google Sheets. However, you can download your Google Sheets to Excel or CSV files, and import them via those supported flows.

If I import a Google Doc to Coda, and then edit in Coda, will my Google Doc update automatically?

We do not currently have a pack integration with GDrive that allows your Google Docs to sync automatically. However, we do support the following Google integrations:

  • GMail

  • Google Calendar

  • Google Translate

  • Google Contacts

  • Google Search Console

  • Google Natural Language

Learn more about Coda packs at

How much does it cost to import a Google Doc?

You don't need a specific plan to import a Google Doc. Doc Makers & Editors may import Google Docs (or Trello Boards, Excel Sheets, or CSVs) to Coda Docs in their workspace at no extra charge. For more on Coda pricing, please visit:

Does this tool let Coda see all my Google Drive files?

Generally speaking, Coda requests 2 permissions for your Google Drive:

  1. View & Manage Google Drive files

  2. Add itself to Google Drive

These permissions allow Coda Docs to be stored and live alongside your Google Docs. This does not allow Coda to see any info about your other Google Drive files. It only allows Coda to access the files and folders you have created with Coda.

When sharing a document or inviting someone else to Coda, we will ask for the "View users on your domain" permission, which allows for easy sharing and auto-completing co-workers email addresses. We never pull random address, we can't see anyone's passwords and we won't email your address book.

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