You can use hidden subpages and pages to help keep your doc clean and readable for yourself and others. Use them to archive old content in a doc, or to hide pages with supporting data that make the rest of the doc work but rarely need to be directly edited. You can hide a single subpage or an entire group of subpages.

Hiding and unhiding subpages and pages

Hiding a subpage or page
To hide a subpage or page, right-click a page in the page list, or click on the 3 dots to the right of its name. Then choose "Hide".

Showing hidden pages
By default, hidden pages are not visible, but any person with access to the doc can still choose to show all hidden pages. For this reason, you should never use hidden pages as a means to enforce privacy or security.

To temporarily show hidden pages just for you, click the 3 dots next to the "New" button at the bottom of the page list, and turn on "Show hidden pages".

Hidden pages will now appear in the page list in their original location, with a gray title to indicate they are hidden.

To un-hide a page, right-click its name in the page list, or click on the 3 dots to the right of its name. Then choose "Unhide".

Example use cases
There are all sorts of reasons you might want to use hidden pages, but here are the most common:

  • Archive old content: As docs grow over time, you may find they include many pages. Some may become out-of-date or no longer directly relevant but are helpful to keep for reference. In this case, you can hide those pages so they don't take space in the page list, but are still available as a reference to your team.

  • Hide supporting pages: Many docs contain pages that aren't intended to be directly used, but store data that supports the rest of the doc. For example, some docs contain "Raw Data" pages storing base tables, or "Admin" pages that support lookup columns in other tables. Often this data rarely changes, or isn't as useful unless it's filtered. In these cases, you can hide those pages so the supporting data is out of the way and is less likely to be accidentally edited.

Hidden Page FAQs

What plans include hidden pages?
Hidden pages are available in the Pro plan and higher. You can see more information about the features available on each plan here.

Can other users see hidden pages?
Yes, all people with access to a doc can choose to show hidden pages. These features are intended to be used for doc readability and organization, and are not meant to be used as security features.

Can I hide pages only from certain users?
Hiding a page hides it from all users, and it is not possible to specify that different users see different pages as visible or hidden. If different members of your team need to use different pages in a doc, Cross-doc allows you to create different docs for different audiences and share data between them.

Can I restrict what changes user can make in a page?
Hidden pages only affects the default visibility of a page. You can use Locking and Permissions to restrict what changes users can make in a page.

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