Coda docs are better when shared, and if you're helping spread the word, we want to thank you! Enter the Coda Referral Program. The bottom line? We'll give both you and the person you refer $10 to use toward your Coda accounts. Let's take a closer look.

Option 1: Earn credit from published docs

When you publish docs to the Doc Gallery, you’ll have an option to earn credit once you set your doc to Discoverable.

As users browse docs in the gallery, Coda may show them a prompt to sign in or sign up. If you’ve enabled the option to earn credit from your published docs and a new user signs up from this prompt shown on your doc, you’ll earn a $10 credit (and so will the new user).

These credits work just like those earned by using referral links. For more on these, keep reading below.

To get your link, visit, or click the Earn Credit tab found under "Resources" in the upper right corner of your doc list. Coda will then generate a referral link for you to use. Click Copy Link to grab the link to share.

Now that you've got your link, you can share it via email, social media, or face to face. 

Step 3 - Use your credit

Once someone signs up for Coda using your link and starts using Coda, you both will receive a $10 credit. It will automatically be applied to your next bill. The recipient will automatically have it applied when they sign up for a paid plan.

What if I have multiple workspaces?

No problem! You can select which workspace you would like your referral link to connect to when you generate your referral link.

Visit for FAQs and more information.

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