We've just launched Coda 2.0, a cleaner simpler, and faster doc for teams.  We're also introducing new building blocks for teams like Locking and Cross-Doc, which are available in new paid plans.

While Coda continues to allow you to make docs as powerful as apps for free, the transition to paid plans also includes a few new limits for free docs.

We know you need time to adjust, so we're giving a free pass until December 1 when these limits come into effect.

What's changing?

A few new limits will affect some existing docs:

  1. Doc size - Free docs can have up to 50 objects (sections, tables & views, buttons & controls, and formulas). They can also have up to 1,000 rows.
  2. Automation - Free docs can use up to 35 time-based automations and 100 row-changed automations per month.  Pro docs can have up to 100 time-based automations and 500 row-changed automations per month. Team docs are unlimited.
  3. Packs - Certain packs are now available only in a Pro or Team plan. Some of these can still be used in Free plans, with a limit on the number of monthly actions taken.
  4. Version history - Version history will be limited to 7 days in free plans.

How do I know if a doc is affected?

Any docs near or over one of the new limits will show a blue dot over the Settings icon in the toolbar.  If you open the Doc Settings panel, individual features will show a red icon or dot if they will be over one of the new limits.  You can open the panel for each feature for more details.

What do I need to do?

To keep working as you normally do, upgrade to one of the new plans by December 1.

If you choose not to upgrade, you'll want to reduce the size of any docs above the size limit, and remove any packs that are now paid.  If you don't take action, on December 1st you'll receive warnings for these docs that they will become read-only after a 14 day grace period.

Automation, pack action, and version history limits will also take effect starting on December 1.

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