Welcome to Coda! We're excited to see what you create. 

Our goal is to make Coda as intuitive as we can to help you bring your docs to life, but getting started with any new product can feel daunting. Here are a few resources we highly recommend: 

Coda | Learn

This page contains a compilation of the available learning resources and it's a great point of reference whenever you get stuck. From this doc, you can access video courses, starter exercises, and more!

Check out our gallery for inspiration or make a copy and modify for your own doc! Most everyone on the Coda team has a published doc in the gallery, but many of our templates come from makers like you. 

The Coda Community

Here, you'll find a mix of people who can help you find creative solutions to any roadblock you might encounter. We have new users, power users, and the Coda team all hopping in to help. You can read about the newest product updates, show off your doc, make suggestions for our product teams, and find tips to advance your Coda skills.

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