In some unique circumstances our support team may request that you share the content of your browser's console logs to help us troubleshoot a problem. 

Follow these steps to provide some extra troubleshooting information to our team:

Retrieving Logs from Chrome

  • Open the main Chrome menu
  • Select More Tools > Developer Tools
  • Depending on which logs you need, you'll select the Network or Console Tab to get the logs you need. Please ask your Customer Champion for help if you're not sure which to choose.

Retrieving Logs from Firefox

  • Access the Browser Console by selecting Web Developer from the Tools menu.
  • You'll then get the logs you need in a separate window.

Retrieving Logs from Safari

  • Open the Preferences menu
  • Select the Advanced > Show Developer menu from the menu bar
  • Close Preferences
  • In the menu bar, select Developer > Show error console

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