How can I keep my costs low?

Manage your budget with these tips

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Everyone's got a budget, and we want to make sure that your Coda costs are in line with it. Here's a few of our tips for keeping your Coda costs within your budget.

Tip 1 - Split into two workspaces

You can have as many workspaces as you like, and each workspace can be at a different tier. So, if you've got folks you work with who don't need to work with larger docs or create net new docs, you can always create a free workspace to keep that collaboration organized. Please note that each workspace is billed for the members that have access to it, so if a person is a member of two paid workspaces in the same company they will be charged for both seats.

Tip 2 - Demote your Doc Makers

Since Coda has you pay for Doc Makers, if you have people who don't need to create docs, you can always demote them to be Editors instead. They'll then be able to make changes to existing docs with no impact on your price point. Just make sure you have the Any member can create docs setting OFF or they can become Doc Makers again without your approval.

Tip 3 - Add controls to your workspace

As the admin of a folder, you can decide the rules for the workspace. The settings below will help with price savings but also note that these will make it less flexible for your users to share docs and become makers when they're ready.

  • Turn off the ability for anyone to create docs in the workspace

  • Turn off the ability for anyone in your domain to join

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