When you are part of a workspace as an Editor or Doc Maker, you'll be able to see the entire folder catalog. You can also decide to join or leave folders based on your interests. 

To join a folder, click the Join button. 

To leave a folder, click the Leave button.

Private Folders

If you are a member of the folder, you can also decide to keep it private under its Settings. This will remove the folder from the workspace catalog for others to join.


When a new doc is added to a folder, every editor that is a member of the folder will automatically get access. If that same doc is removed from the folder, the editors will then lose access unless they were explicitly shared the doc. If an editor was added directly to a doc within a private folder, not the folder itself, that editor will only have access to the doc they were directly shared.

What if everyone leaves a private folder?

We have you covered. The last person in the folder will not be able to leave it.

How do I remove someone from a folder?

Any member of a folder can remove other members of the folder. This is available in the folder's Settings in the folder membership list.

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