These settings let you give other Admins a better idea of what to expect. It's a simple way to share the purpose of the workspace and how you'd like it to work.


These settings let you set up how you'd like to be billed as well as review your invoice history. If you ever need to change the type of plan you're on, you can go here as well.


If you want to have greater control over how and when people join your workspace, you'll do so under this menu.

  • Any member can create docs is a great setting to toggle off if you want to control your Doc Maker count.

  • Approved email domains lets you whitelist your team, partners, and frequent collaborators while preventing other outsiders from joining or being invited. You can still add Viewers from other organizations, but no Editors. Note: for an Admin to add a domain to this list they will need to have at least one member who has logged into Coda in that domain already in the workspace.

  • Allow external users to edit docs lets you keep your budget in check while also ensuring that outside contributors are vetted by you ahead of time


The activity tab allows you to see granular detail about member and role changes in your workspace. This is especially useful if you want to monitor which users in . your workspace are granted Doc Maker or Admin roles.

If you are the admin for a paid workspace, you may also subscribe to daily digest emails that summarize any role changes in your workspace that will impact billing. To subscribe to these emails, hover over the bell icon and toggle the "Role Billing changes" option to on:


Along the right hand side of your screen, you'll see a list of members. You can invite new members by clicking +Invite and selecting the appropriate role:

You can always adjust the roles of your members by clicking the role next to their name. And, if your member list is long, we include a handy search bar at the top:

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