Over time, as your Coda doc grows from more content and data coming in, it may get too large to be supported by the API. While Coda can handle thousands of rows currently this limit may be reached by a doc that has more than 10,000 rows. The size can have to do with any of the following:

  • the amount of content in the doc
  • column count, complexity and size of values in each column,
  • number and complexity of column formulas
  • formulas
  • automations
  • conditional formatting

As you can see, rows alone don't necessarily make the biggest difference, so we do see docs with fewer than 10,000 rows hit this limit at time.

This limitation is set to preserve the performance of our API, and we have observed it to affect only a very small percentage of API users.

Note that both Cross-doc and Coda's Zapier integration use the API, so docs using those features will also need to be within this size limit.

What do I do if my API requests are failing due to the doc getting too large?

If your doc has reached size limits, we recommend you to remove unnecessary or unused content from the doc, and set up automations to remove old rows from your biggest table as they are no longer needed. You can always access previous content via revision history or by periodically making copies of your doc over time. You can also reach out to our support if you're running into this limit and aren't sure why.

Will this limitation exist going forward?

We aim to make further improvements to our API over time to support larger docs. If you are having trouble reducing the size of your doc and continue to receive errors, feel free to reach out to us to get help.

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