Coda buttons can take all sorts of actions:

But, one of the most powerful options is Push buttons. This allows you to create mini-workflows. Let's imagine that we have a predictable list of tasks we do for every project. You can find a full working template with this flow here. We'll start by creating a table with a button column:

Our button column will have the following settings:

This button adds a row to a client task table with the Client, Channel, Priority, and Task pre-filled. Next, I'll create a button that pushes these buttons and adds tasks for the client in the dropdown menu:

Let's take a closer look at the settings:

  • Under the Label field, we're making the button pull the client name from the picker so it reads "Add all tasks for <Client Name>"
  • The action is pushing each of the Add Task buttons so their rows get added in one step for the customer

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