The Twilio Pack provides seamless integration between your Docs and Twilio's SMS API.  To connect your document to Twilio, you'll need to create a Twilio account and grab the API key.

Step 1: Grab your credentials from the Twilio Console

To setup your account, you'll need to locate your account SID and auth token.   These can be found in the Twilio Console.   If you don't have an existing Twilio account, you can signup for a free trial account to try things out.

Once logged in you'll find the credentials at the top of the project dashboard.

Step 2: Use your API Key to unlock the Twilio Pack

You can now get started with the Twilio API in your doc! Simply add the Twilio Pack and when it prompts you for your account SID and token, paste the values from your Console into the dialog to complete the setup.

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