The FullContact Pack uses the Enrich API, which lets you search FullContact for any additional information on a contact from an email address. You'll need an API key from a FullContact developer account.

Quick guide to getting your FullContact API Key


Step 1: Setting up a FullContact developer account

If you already have a developer account, proceed to step 2. Otherwise, follow the instructions below.

  1. Visit
  2. Follow the instructions onscreen for setting up your account


  • FullContact has individual accounts as well for managing contacts. The FullContact Pack does not use this account type.


Step 2: Generate your API Key

  1. Visit your FullContact Developer's Dashboard, logging in if necessary.
  2. Scroll down to the Get Your API Key section and click the "Generate API Key" button.
  3. Give your API key a name (e.g. "Coda FullContact Pack") and click "Save".
  4. You should now see your Secret API Key which you can copy onto your clipboard.


Step 3: Use your API Key to unlock the FullContact Pack

You can now get started with the FullContact API in your doc! Simply add the FullContact Pack and when it prompts you for your API key, paste in the API key you generated in step 2 to finish the setup.

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