Yes, Coda has an API that is currently in Beta and available to all users. The API allows you to get data in and out of tables in Coda as well as access computed values from formulas and user-selected values from controls.

The Coda REST API allows users to programmatically interact with Coda docs in a number of ways including:

  • List and search Coda docs
  • Create new Coda docs
  • Discover sections, folders, tables, formulas, and controls
  • Read, Insert, Upsert, Update, and Delete rows
  • Access formula values

Check out the API documentation here.

To see examples of the Coda API in action, take a look at this Coda doc.

Note: The Coda API is in beta.  When we release new versions of the API, we may deprecate older APIs with 4 weeks of advanced notice.

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