Any good product company knows that user feedback is a gift. However, this trove of information is only as good as your ability to absorb it and react. Traditional tools are adept at identifying high level trends, but struggle when it comes to the daily machinations that turn user desire into user delight. 

Intercom and Coda are a natural power couple when it comes to feedback. Intercom is a delightful entry point for users to capture their wants and needs in context of their actual work. And with our new messenger app, Coda is now prepared to receive it. A simple form integrated with a powerful doc that shapes the information in just the right way is our best chance at distilling the signal from the noise and building what matters most to users.

To get started, we've created a few articles to show you:

  1. How to configure the Coda app into your Intercom Messenger Home
  2. How to collect feedback from Intercom conversations
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