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How can I get more help?
How can I get more help?

Getting assistance when you need to solve a problem

Updated over a week ago

Great news! You have a whole company ready and waiting to support you.  When you need help, you have a few options:

  1. Right here at to review documentation and FAQs

  2. The Learn tab in your Coda account to watch videos and try out core skills

  3. Our community where you can post asking for help from other Makers!

  4. Our gallery where you can draw inspiration or even copy other docs already made by Makers!

  5. Our formulas page where you review our Coda Formula Language

  6. Our YouTube channel where we have tons of videos about different topics

  7. Our Webinar page where we archive past webinars and list upcoming ones!

  8. Or get in touch directly by clicking the Chat bubble in the lower right of this screen

When working with Coda's Support team, here's a few things that will help us solve your problem even faster:

  1. Please share details on what you are trying to accomplish and your goals for the doc - the more we know, the more we can recommend!

  2. Feel free to share your doc so we can take a closer look at the issue. This is a two step process.

    Step 1: Click the Share button in the upper right corner and click on the vertical three dots (...) and select Share with Coda Support.
    Step 2: Send us the doc's URL in your message along with the page, table, column name(s) you would like the team to take a look at.

    See the example GIF below:

  3. Once we solve the issue, unshare your doc to revoke access by clicking on the vertical three dots (...) and select Unshare with Coda Support. Permissions will also expire in 7 days from the time you share your doc.

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