One of the easiest ways to get started in Coda is with existing data from another app. Importing a Trello Board into Coda is simple using our Trello Import wizard.

Key Concepts

A Trello Board consists of:

  • Cards that are organized into Lists

  • Each card can be assigned to our or more Assignees (people you are collaborating with) 

  • Cards can be tagged with Labels

  • Cards can also have Checklist items.   

When importing your Cards into Coda, we'll create a new page for you based on the name of the board you're importing from. The data for each card will be stored in a single table with a row for each card. This table has columns for things like title, description, assignees and done. 

When you import you can optionally include checklist items.  If you do, we'll create a second table for the items linked with a lookup column to the owning card.

Getting Started

To import from Trello, type /import into the canvas, and select the Trello option.  

Click Next and you'll be prompted for permission to allow us to access your Trello data.  This may look a bit daunting, but good news, you're allowing us to read your data for only an hour. Once you click Allow you can then pick the board you want to import and optionally include the checklist items.

Voila! You're done.  

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