The version history feature allows you to view an activity log of changes in your doc. You can see when a change was made, by whom, and where. You can also make copies of past versions, or even revert your doc to a previous version.

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Version history by Plan

Depending on the plan of your workspace, you’ll have access to different lengths of doc history:

  • Free plan - 7 days of version history

  • Pro plan - 30 days of version history

  • Team plan - Unlimited version history

  • Enterprise plan - Unlimited version history

View changes to your doc

Your Coda doc will track and save the updates you and your team make. If you ever need to travel back in time, simply click the dropdown arrow next to your doc name, and choose Version history.

You'll then see a list of edit batches and the editor on the right-hand panel. Each line item on the right represents a unique edit the was made, along with editor and the associated timestamp. When you click on each, you'll see that any content added during each timestamp is in green, and any content that has been removed is highlighted in red.

You can also use the normal page navigation panel on the left, to jump around to different pages to see how they looked at a given timestamp.

Make a copy of a previous version of your doc

Within the version history tool, you have the ability to copy any previous version of your doc into a new doc. This is helpful if, for instance, you want to recover a previous version of your doc for testing or longevity, without reverting the original doc. Or maybe you just want to recover some delete data from the version history, without modifying the current version of the doc.

Once you’ve found the previous version you want, just click the Copy this version button in the upper right. Then follow the prompts to complete the creation of the copy.

Revert the original doc to a previous version

If you would like to restore the doc to a previous version, you’ll need to reach out to our team for assistance. Please have the doc owner reach out to following the steps below:

  1. Share the doc with Coda Support

  2. Provide the doc link

  3. Include the timestamp of the edit you would like to revert the doc to. As we may be in different time zones, please include a screenshot of the selected timestamp along with edits before and after.

Once reverted, your team should see this pop-up that will prompt them to refresh the doc:


Can I revert my doc to a previous version on my own?

Currently, no. You need to reach out to the Coda team for assistance reverting your doc. This is to prevent accidental changes that could result in permanent data loss.

Will deleted comments be recovered when a revert to or copy a previous version of my doc?

Yes - any comments that existed at the time of that previous version will be restored.

What does it mean when I see “Automation Bot” in the version history log?

This represents automated changes that were being made to your doc, based on what you have set up in your doc. For instance, it could represent an action taken by automations, or a Pack table automatically refreshing.

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