Revision history by Plan

  • Free plan - 7 days of version history

  • Pro plan - 30 days of version history

  • Team plan - Unlimited version history

  • Enterprise plan - Unlimited version history

How do I see previous versions of my doc?

Your Coda doc will track and batch the updates you and your team make. And, if you ever need to travel back in time, simply click the dropdown arrow next to your doc name, and choose See version history:

Screen Recording 2021-04-29 at 04.02.18 PM

You'll then see a list of edit batches and the editor on the left-hand panel. When you click on each version, you'll see that any content added during each timestamp is in green, and any content that has been removed is highlighted in red.

Screen Capture on 2022-11-14 at 09-36-51.gif

Once you find a version you would like to return to, click Copy this version in the upper right:


You can then copy/paste the data you want to recover back into the main doc, or start fresh with your copied doc.

How do I revert the original doc to a previous version?

If you would like to restore the doc to a previous version, please have the doc owner reach out to following the steps below:

  1. Share the doc with Coda Support

  2. Provide the doc link

  3. Include the timestamp of the edit you would like to revert the doc to. As we may be in different time zones, please include a screenshot of the selected timestamp along with edits before and after.

Once reverted, your team should see this pop-up that will prompt them to refresh the doc:


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