When you're working with a set of data, many times you're looking to pull out a specific subset of it -- like the first item of a list, or the last 5 rows of a table. Here's where Coda's First, Last, Nth, and Slice formulas come into play saving you time and getting you the data you need.

For example, imagine you had a simple list of numbers: [1, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13]. Using these formulas, you can pull out specific items from the list based on their position. We've summarized these formulas in a table below:

Ways to use Slice

With Slice in particular, there are a few different varieties you can try:

  • Give me the first 3:  



  • Or, give me the last 2:



  • And even, pull out specific rows:

Let's say I was working with the Urgent Open Tasks table in our Product Launch Hub, and I wanted to get the last 3 rows of this table which are sorted by their End Date:

Using Slice here let's me work off of the formatting I've already built for myself in the core project table: 

=[Urgent Open Tasks !!].Sort(True, End).Slice(-3)

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