If you've used Google Docs before, this will feel familiar. Before you change ownership, make sure you invite the new owner to your Coda doc as an editor, and that the new owner shares your domain (if they don't, see the note below).

Once you have them in the doc, go to Google Drive and right click on the document and select Share. Then click Advanced in the bottom right corner. Lastly, click the dropdown arrow next to the person who you'd like to be the new owner, and change his or her role to owner. Don't forget to save the changes!

Note: Google Drive currently doesn't support changing across domains. So if you want to give ownership of a doc to someone outside of your domain, follow these steps:

  1. Share the doc with the person you're giving ownership to
  2. Have the new owner create a copy of the doc, and then reshare that copy with the rest of the team.

We know this isn't the ideal solution for changing ownership across domains. We're working on making this workflow easier 😄 .

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