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Email Notifications in Coda

How to disable notifications

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By default, Coda will send you an email whenever someone mentions you in a comment or references your name in a doc that is shared with you. That way, you'll know if something needs your attention in particular.

But, if you ever need to disable these notifications, navigate to your avatar at the top of the doc and select the three vertical dots beneath to see your Account Settings that appear after clicking your avatar:

Here, you're able to adjust email notification preferences.


Why am I not receiving email notifications from Coda?

Community Post: There is a 20-minute delay between the @mention and an email being sent. In addition, if the assignee opens their notification center (by clicking on their avatar in the upper right of any doc) within this 20-minute window, no email is ultimately sent. This is based on the assumption that the user is already aware of the mention having seen it in their notification center.

How does the “notify when added” setting within the People columns work?

If someone has access to the doc already, then at any point if they’re added to that People column, they’ll automatically get a notification (about being added).

Note: Even with this setting toggled on, notifications will only be sent to people if they already have access to the doc.

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