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Does Coda have a Zapier integration?
Does Coda have a Zapier integration?
Updated over a week ago

We integrate with Zapier giving you the ability to connect Coda to over 1000 other apps that you work with every day.  Zapier is a platform that makes it easy for anyone, not just developers, to build workflows that extend across two or more apps. These workflows are called zaps and they’re composed of triggers and actions. A trigger is an event that starts the zap. An action is the event that the zap performs.

Here are some of our favorite ways to connect with other apps:

  1. Gmail - Save labeled emails from your Gmail inbox in a Coda doc

  2. Google Forms - Save new Google Form responses to a Table

  3. GitHub - Create rows from new GitHub pull requests

  4. Slack - Create rows when new messages are posted

  5. JIRA - Update and create rows when new issues are created in JIRA

  6. Hubspot - Add new deals from Hubspot to a Coda doc

  7. Twitter - Save new Twitter mentions to Coda

  8. Zoom - Create rows based on meetings

  9. Typeform - Save new entries to Coda

  10. Dropbox - Create rows from new files in Dropbox

  11. Intercom - Add new companies to a Coda doc

  12. Google Calendar - Add new or updated Calendar events as rows in Coda

For the full details on these and more connections, check out the zapbook

Coda also has an API if you want to build a more customized integration - read about it here.

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