How do I create a Kanban board?

An easy way to organize your table

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The easiest way to create a kanban board is change your data from table view to board view. To do so:

  1. Hover over the upper right corner of your table to reveal "Options"

  2. Click "Options" to access the table options menu

  3. Choose "More" in the display options, and select "Board"

Alternatively, you can type /board on any page to insert a kanban board.

The DIY method

If you want to create a Kanban board with your Coda table with a few more steps (and options for customization along the way), start by grouping across the top with the attribute you want to categorize. For example, for a Tasks table you'll most likely want to group by Status (e.g. Not Started, In Progress, and Complete.) See this article if you need to learn more about Grouping.

If you want to bring your Coda table to the next level, switch it to a Card layout. You can even add conditional formats to make it visually pop! 

For more on how to use cards to track tasks, visit this published doc.

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